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While working from home has its merits, there are many good reasons why renting yourself a work-platform (desk space) in the Newhaven Business Station might be the better option. After all, if you’re stuck in a corner of the lounge or upstairs in a spare bedroom, there can be a lot of distraction. Even well intentioned family members can be more of a hindrance than help when they knock on the door offering you the umpteenth coffee of the day. If you’re starting a new business or looking to expand an existing venture, and feel you’ve either outgrown the spare bedroom or can’t take much more of those well meaning interruptions at home, the next logical place to consider is renting a work-platform.

Becoming a ‘platformer’ means that you will have all the benefits of a professional workplace environment, including high-speed internet access and utilities, all for a flat fee. What’s more, you’ll get a credible Edinburgh office address and co-working can be useful for making new contacts and networking. Renting a work-platform with the advantages of a rolling short-term contract invariably proves much cheaper than acquiring a whole office.

Creating an ideal work-life balance can be achieved by having a desk away from home. It is much easier to separate work from your home life by leaving work behind at the end of the day – and freeing your home of business baggage.

There are added benefits of working from the Newhaven Business Station, and these include free on-street parking and easy access to your workplace round the clock. Our typical work platform contracts include a large desk, ergonomic chair, tea/coffee making facilities, and fast broadband for your personal equipment. 

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